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RidgeStop™ has been designed to provide surgeons with a cost effective alternative to sulcoplasty when carrying out procedures used to correct patella luxation. It uses a synthetic ridge held in place using standard cortical screws to build up the sides of the patella groove where it is insufficient or eroded due to degenerative conditions.

Pre-Ridgestop Insertion

Pre-Ridgestop Insertion

Post Ridgestop Insertion

Post Ridgestop Insertion

Can RidgeStop Stabilization be Performed in Any Size Dog or Cat?

The aim of the surgery is to ensure the patella slides up and down within its groove without slipping to one side or the other, causing discomfort and lameness.  Unlike other procedures for this condition where the joint surface had to be cut, this is a much less traumatic procedure, as well as being more effective.  This procedure has been successfully carried out on both dogs and cats.


The most important thing following surgery is restricting your dog’s activity, especially for the eight weeks.  No off-leash walks are allowed during this period, and leash walks should start light and gradually increase in length.  Stairs and slippery floors must be avoided for the first six weeks following surgery, and no jumping, playing or running is allowed.

How much does RidgeStop surgery cost?

Because of this procedure can be a stand alone surgery or additional procedure added to primary correction, cost will be quoted on an individual basis.