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Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiogram)

A cardiac ultrasound, also called echocardiogram, uses ultrasound technology to view the structure and function of the heart in real time. Ultrasound is a highly informative, non-invasive and safe diagnostic test for your pet. This technique uses high frequency sound waves emitted from a hand-held probe to produce an ultrasound beam. This ultrasound beam is reflected from the tissues in the chest and heart and returns to the ultrasound probe to construct an image of the heart in motion.

Some pets with heart disease have symptoms, including cough, difficulty breathing, exercise intolerance or fainting. Other pets may not have symptoms but may have a heart murmur or irregular heart rhythm detected by your family veterinarian. Routine screening for breeds at risk for heart disease or for pre-breeding purposes is also sometimes performed.  If you are concerned that your pet may have heart disease, please discuss this with your veterinarian to determine if your pet should have an echocardiogram.

How much does a Cardiac Ultrasound cost?


Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiogram)