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Brittany Garger

Dr. Wight and his team are hands down, the best in the area. If it weren't for his caring and compassionate team, my husband and I would not have been able to go on our honeymoon. They made a terrible situation manageable. The level of concern, the finesse of communication, and the love my dog and I felt were memorable. Thank you so, so much to the team. I would highly recommend this surgery clinic any day!

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Mr. Hayes 

This place is amazing. I was worried after moving here from CO cause I am not at all impressed with the veterinarians in this area, but Dr. White and his staff are not only exceptional but above & beyond. I emailed Dr. White the first night I brought my Annie home after surgery way past office hours and received an immediate response, nobody does that, lol. And the care & information before during & after is just awesome. I can't say Thank You enough.

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Mary Miller 

Words cannot explain how truly blessed we are to have found Dr. Wight! Our puppy Kaia was sick for a week, not eating, vomiting and lethargic. After being bounced around between our vet and the emergency vet we were finally referred to Dr. Wight. Immediately upon meeting his staff I felt relieved. They were all so caring and welcoming even though it was late in the day. Dr. Wight came in and spoke with me and was confident he knew what was wrong with Kaia. He explained he would first go in with a scope to make sure the obstruction couldn’t be removed without cutting her open. Unfortunately, he did have to do surgery but called me immediately when it was over and let me know how well Kaia was doing and that it was all over. He even sent a text to us late at night with a picture of her alive and well. The reassurance meant everything to our family. Not even 24 hours later we are at home and the healing begins. I recommend Dr. Wight’s facility above all others. They were a beacon of light during one of the scariest, most stressful weeks of our lives.

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Chadwick Goleta 

Dr Wight and his staff are incredibly compassionate, attentive, and knowledgeable. My puppy had surgery and Dr Wight and his staff went the extra mile to keep me updated even over a holiday weekend.

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L Watson 

Dr. Wright and his staff were amazing! I stepped in to help a stranger, whose dog had been hit by a car and had no means to care for it. They perform surgery on her fractured hip and she is now on the road to recovery. At my request, They spaded her at the same.

Dr. Wright was so kind as to offer to stay late or even return hours after his office closed in order for me to pick up the six-month-old puppy post surgery. Because this all happened so quickly, I was not prepared to care for the puppy at home that evening. They gave me dog food, leash and encouraging words.

Amazing people! The only bad news, was the discovery of a fine fracture on the opposite hip of this poor puppy. We will continue to watch her and decide further treatment on the that hip in the future.

Poor baby girl, two fractured hips and a fractured pelvis

I think he gave me a discount on the care. I’m so glad there are still good people in this world, God bless them

L Watson

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Tim Sandlin 

Outstanding work. Staff is excellent Hope to never have to come back for any further care for our pet. But if we do I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Thanks for a job well done. Above and beyond our expectations.

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Danny Wright

The care and love that everyone at the surgery center has shown to my sweet lab, Luna, was beyond measure. Dr Wight took great care of my Luna and was always available to talk with me about my concerns. The facility was beautiful, clean and had state of the art equipment. The staff was very friendly and helpful too. I would highly recommend the Veterinary Surgery Service center to anyone who needed their services. 100% Satisfied with Dr. Wight and his staff. Cheryl Wright

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Paul Eurek

We were referred to Dr Wight by our local veterinarian, a very trustworthy individual. Our dog Boo required immediate surgery. We were extremely impressed with Dr. Wight, his staff, and the facilities. Dr. Wight took the time to explain the problem, our options, and the specifics of what the surgery would entail. It is very obvious that his practice has made a substantial investment in state-of-the-art diagnostic (CT Scan) and rehabilitation equipment. We felt that the advanced equipment ensured a more accurate diagnosis and we felt the post surgery rehabilitation technology would help get Boo back on his feet faster. The surgery was a success and Boo is doing great. Highest recommendation for Dr. Wight!!

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Diane Minks

I was referred to Dr Wight to have a CT Scan done on my dog, Lucy, to diagnose the cause of an open sore on her face that also appeared to be affecting the nearby eye. The entire experience couldn't have been better. Dr Wight and his staff are extremely personable yet professional, the facility is immaculate and I believe the care provided to Lucy was superior. Dr Wight sat down with me and Lucy before the scan giving me a great overview of what he would be doing during the scan and how different outcomes would be handled. After the surgery, he also sat down with me to explain how things had gone, what was done and how recovery would go. The outcome was great - the scan showed that the problem was an abscessed tooth. Dr Wight removed her tooth while she was under anesthesia for the scan and provided the after surgery pain medication and antibiotics - all at no additional cost. He's a jewel and we are so lucky to have his clinic in our local area.

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Diane Hewitt

The staff are welcoming, professional, and empathetic in their care of your pets. The facility is clean and quiet....which helps already anxious pet owners. Dr. Wight is personable, explaining findings and recommendations on a layman's level. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has a pet surgical need, or even a diagnostic test such as a CT. Thank you to him and the staff at Veterinary Surgery Service!

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Aimee Anderson

First of all, I know this is going to be long....My cat Emerald had a visit with our normal Veterinarian, but she needed an ultrasound to determine the cause of her distended abdomen. We were referred to Dr Wight’s office and that was the best thing that could’ve ever happened! Dr Wight and his staff are by far some of the kindest people I have met! When I called and explained the situation they were able to work me in to the schedule less than 2 hours later. My husband and I were extremely impressed when we walked in at how nice the facility was- it is very well maintained, super clean and felt very inviting. We were brought back to an exam room where Emerald was scanned for a microchip (something I had never seen done at a Vet’s office before), weighed and we explained our concerns- which consisted of an extremely low hematocrit level 9 vs. between 40-45. Dr Wight came in following a surgical procedure he was performing to explain the ultrasound, what it was he was going to be looking for, etc. After the ultrasound, Dr Wight spent the next 20 min talking to my husband and I about what he found and the best course of action for our cat- she needed a blood transfusion and surgery to remove a mass that was causing the blood loss into her abdomen. His staff searched for and located cat blood to do a blood transfusion for Emerald that night! She needed to have surgery but would be unable to do so unless her hematocrit levels were higher. Mind you, this was 5:00–yet they stayed to take care of our baby! Following her blood transfusion, Dr Wight whisked her into surgery to remove the mass that had grown on the corner of her liver as well as two small spots that he identified in her abdomen. He called us after surgery to let us know how everything went and how Emerald was doing. Dr Wight text me at 11:00 PM to send me a picture of my cat and to give me an update- which was completely unexpected! I sincerely could not have been more impressed and pleased with the care we received. I only wish he did routine veterinary care! Lastly, realizing I forgot to grab Emerald’s pain medicine when we left, Dr Wight offered to bring it to my house in Navarre to save me a trip. Hands down, I would recommend his clinic to anyone that needs specialty care or diagnostic services. You won’t be sorry you went!

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Dr. Wight and all staff were wonderful. They gave me the best Christmas gift ever not once but twice. He was so kind and generous i came home and cried. I am so very grateful today to have my puppy with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The clinic is beautiful and clean would highly recommend the whole staff.

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Ken Costello

Absolutely a top notch surgery center. My dog had to have ACL repair done and they stepped me through every part of his recovery. They we're thorough and competent in every respect. No my dog is better than ever. I would recommend this place for your furry family members.

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Absolutely recommend Veterinary Surgery Service. We drove from 200 miles away because the service was great before, during and after the surgery on our Chihuahua's knee. Dr Wright and the team went out of their way to help us understand everything we were unsure of, and there were no surprises. And of course, our puppy is better for having had the surgery.

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Christie C (2/15/18)

Dr. Wight and his staff are absolute angels. My dog had to have knee surgery and they took such great care of her before, during and after. He also did some physical therapy with her for a couple of weeks after the surgery--it wasn't just "the surgery's over--now we're done." He was honestly concerned that she get better. I can't say enough about them. My dog is my baby--and they understand and respect that. Also the absolute cleanest veterinary facility I've ever seen!

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Jennifer B (1/28/19)

No one loves visiting a place that has both "Vet" and "Surgery" in its name, but if your dog has an ailment that needs to be seen by a specialized vet, this is the place you want to go.  My pup has a history of back issues, and of course, while I'm visiting my folks in Florida, she decides to subject herself to another injury.  Frantic, I start calling around trying to find a Vet that could treat her IVDD issues, since that requires either an MRI or CT machine.

Luckily, I stumbled across SurgeryVet and Dr. Wight and his amazing staff.  He was able to get Zoey seen immediately.  He was compassionate, asked questions and really listened.  He performed a number physical response tests on her before suggesting costly scans.  He sat with us and made sure we understood the diagnosis and treatment options.  At no time did I feel rushed and every question I asked was answered in a knowledgeable manner.  Fortunately, we caught this back injury in time to avoid surgery, but the Dr. suggested laser therapy to alleviate swelling and pain.  Knowing I was in from out-of-town and had limited time to treat Zoey, the doctor asked me to come in over the weekend to treat her with laser.  They are usually closed on the weekend but the doctor went out of his way to make sure my pup got the treatments she needed.  He also talked to me about a new treatment that Zoey would be a candidate for.  He explained it in detail and mentioned it was new to the market and as soon as he receives training he would give me a call to discuss it further.  

The staff is all smiles, friendly and professional.  They remember Zoey as soon as I walk in the door with her.  They also seem very concerned for the well-being of Zoey and her recovery.  The doctor has popped in to check on Zoey when his staff is administering the laser.  Had Zoey needed the IVDD surgery, it's an all-inclusive price including physical therapy, which is awesome.  I have gone through this surgery once with her and it would have been a dream to have the PT included in the cost as it's something your pet HAS to have after an IVDD procedure.

Dr. Wight and his staff have wonderful bedside manner and top-notch facilities.  Their prices are reasonable.  I'm happy to see a place like this exist in FWB.

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BestOne kim (5/22/19)

We are truly grateful & blessed to have met Dr. White
He saved our family member "Bella" female pomeranian.
Truly outstanding, kind, courteous, and professional orthopedic surgeon! The staff is equally awesome!! Thanks for everything!!! We can now enjoy the rest of our vacation.

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Howard G (5/23/19)

When my labradoodle sustained a partial tear of his right CCL, I took him to Dr. Wight for evaluation and treatment. As a physician myself, I'm very familiar with surgical facilities and proper procedures. This surgical clinic is absolutely top-notch, and the entire staff is outstanding. I don't think my dog could have received better care anywhere. I wouldn't even consider taking my dog anywhere else if he needs orthopedic surgery in the future.

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Sherma Wieneke (6/4/19)

Dr Wright and his staff is the the best.when you get there it is a very pleasant looking building with two entrances one for boarding the other is for surgery that’s where I went. my dog had a tumor on his leg and the best option was to have the leg removed.The staff met us up front and where very pleasant and showed us to a room that was spacious and clean. Dr Wright took his time to go over what needed to be done. What the cost would be.(no hidden costs) he was straight forward and I loved that I new exactly what was going to be done how much it would be and what my dogs recovery looked like. I had little kids with me and they took the time to answer there questions in a way that they could understand. I felt better leaving my dog with them and had a good feeling about the out come.
When I picked him up they explained the meds and told me not to hesitate calling them if I needed them over the weekend.
If this is any measure of the service he provided I’m sure my dog was in good hands.

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Janette Biel (6/13/19)

The staff is so helpful and courteous.... they are always so kind and understanding and bend over backwards for my last minute appointment requests. I can’t say enough about this staff! I think my dog (Angel) is more excited to go there once a week than she is to go on a walk, car ride or unlimited treats.

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Joel Rippert (6/13/19)

I wouldnt take my pup jax anywhere else after my first time there. Amazing staff and care for my pup! If you have any serious surgery needs this is the place to go. Very clean as well!

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Amy Dooley (6/15/19)

This place is a God-send. Dr. Wright and staff cared for my puppy after diagnosing her with basically a paralyzed digestive system. We had been searching for answers to her vomiting for 2 weeks. We finally found this place and they had the necessary tools to perform a very much needed endoscopy to diagnose the issue. They have been more than gracious by providing the canned food she needs, helping me with Cassie's feeding tube she has to use for a few weeks until healing of her system, and answering the phone personally every time I call to ask questions. They took great care of her when she stayed the weekend and have just been wonderful, accommodating, and accessible throughout this entire process.

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micky C (7/2/19)

I absolutely love Dr. Wight and his staff. My sweet girl ZaZu had cancer in her shoulder blade and had to have her leg and shoulder removed. From introductions to discharge he and his staff were amazing. They texted me pictures and updates as she passed through each hurdle through surgery and recovery. He was open, honest and very candid through the entire process (including her chances post surgery). He made making tough decisions easier. I am glad to say that ZaZu is doing well and she owes the last few months (and whatever time she has left) to Dr. Wight and his staff. Thank you doesn’t cut it.

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Cecilia Avery (7/30/19)

Our poor kitty was in need of PU surgery to resolve his reoccurring urinary blockages. Dr. Wright and his staff were able to give our kitty the absolute best care. Everyone was very helpful, caring, and respectful during each visit and phone call. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful surgical service so close to home. I would recommend Dr. Wright to anyone looking for surgical services for their pets. Our kitty has healed nicely and is back to his happy self again. Thank you so much!

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Cagri Ilkbaharlilar (12/20/19)

My poor baby Maya had to have a tplo surgery . Dr Wight and his crew was just amazing . After her exam very next day she got the surgery . I was extremely nervous and in kinda panic . His knowledge, experience and confidence made me relax. Very clean facility, everbody knows what they are doing and that is the key . Everybody always smiling and explain you every single detail.All those made me very comfortable with surgery and post surgery (recovery stuff) . My sweet potato Maya
%100 healed and getting better and better . i cant thank enough Dr Wight and his crew for this stressful surgery and 8 weeks recovery period . Everytime when i see my baby walking i will remember that how amazing you guys are . :)

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Jean Cochran (1/26/20)

Dr. Wight is such a compassionate veternian. All the staff members are great also! Would highly recommend this surgery center to anyone.

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nicolette powell (3/15/20)

Dr. Wight and his staff are incredible! P.D ( my cat ) and I are so grateful we found you. After being referred to Veterinary Surgery Services by P.D's primary vet, I was so pleased after meeting with Dr. Wight. Surgery went seamlessly, updates and pictures were provided post surgery, and every staff member I spoke with was so kind and caring. I felt comfortable knowing P.D was in such good hands and highly recommend this facility.

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Kanisha Carson (3/30/20)

Thank you so much for taking the time to care for our cat Luna. I really appreciate discussing cost up front in a friendly manner. Luna is happy and healthy at home.

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Austin Kutis (4/20/20)

Dr Wight and his staff were awesome and took great care of my puppy.

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Tammy Dausel  (7/21/20)

Dr. Wight and his team are SUPER stars. He diagnosed our "Toby" with a rare adrenal gland cancer in not just one but both of his adrenal glands. We are EXTREMELY grateful to him and his team for getting us set up at UF Veterinary Hospital to have a life saving procedure to save Toby's life. Not only did he see us off to UF, he also managed Toby's care after his first surgery so we could have the second surgery. Without him, Toby would not be here today with us. Toby is now "swimming" with his team to build up the muscle tone in his back end from a prior IVDD surgery 10 years ago. Words do not express the gratitude we have for him and his team. Keep up the amazing work you do!!

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Mary Epps (8/9/20)

Our Cavalier had soft tissue surgery and Dr. Wight and his staff were wonderful. The surgery was very successful And recovery was easy. We highly recommend them.

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Lisa Parker (8/31/20)

Very professional and compassionate. We saw Dr. Wight today for a CT scan on our kitty. The diagnosis is not what we wanted to hear. He took the time to talk with us and make sure we had no questions before leaving. He was very kind and caring. I greatly recommend him and his staff. Everyone that I encountered were amazing. Thank you guys.

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Emilie Hogan  (9/26/20)

Brought my Yorkie in for a Cystotomy as an emergency and they fit us into the schedule to make the surgery happen. Nothing but good things to say about this practice. Dr.White is awesome and I was treated like family. Will definitely recommend this office to everyone I know!

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Amanda Helmrich (10/15/20)

This review is well overdue. When my GSD was 4 months old, we started getting concerned about hip dysplasia. My vet told me there was a preventative surgery he was eligible for but the door was closing quickly for the age cutoff. I called around everywhere but many places hadn’t even heard of the surgery. After speaking with the receptionist at Vet Surgery Service, Dr. Wight called me HIMSELF to tell me about the surgery and how we would proceed from the consultation. I hadn’t even made an appointment with him! It was an hour and a half away but I felt confident it would be worth it because he told me exactly what we would do if this, that, or the other, and exactly what it would cost. I was sitting on the floor with my puppy when he walked into the exam room and he had a seat right next to me to talk and do the exam. He recommended a “Pen Hip Evaluation” before we altered Chuck’s active life and and paid for the expensive surgery and although the test was expensive, again, it seemed worth it. It turned out he didn’t even recommend the surgery. Chuck’s hips were only at mild risk of developing into dysplasia which was written up for me in an email in a thorough and easy to read way. Dr. Wight didn’t operate on my dog but I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his compassion and advise. I would recommend him to any pet with orthopedic concerns.

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Victoria Petrof(10/20/20)

Dr. White was very thorough and knowledgeable. Beautiful and clean facility as well. Thank you!

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Rick McLeod (11/12/20)

Our Brittany rescue, Misty, was limping so we took her to our vet who referred us to another place near by. After researching that place, I began looking for a place with better reviews. I found the Veterinary Surgery Service, and their reviews were outstanding.  I called Vet Surgery clinic and they had the referral moved to their office, and setup an appointment to see Dr. Wright for an exam.  They were on-time and when Dr. Wright entered the room he sat down on the floor and was able to coax Misty over to him, I was shocked she went as she is very shy.  He performed a knee exam while we chatted about her history, then ordered x-rays. He showed us the x-rays and how the bone was deteriorating on both sides of the knee cap. Dr. Wright felt there was something pushing up her knee cap away from the joint, he suspected a tumor. Misty's age is unknown, but we believe she's about 8 years old. We scheduled her for surgery the next week, and they removed her leg.  Dr. Wright told us to expect bruising, and how it would develop over the next few days. He told us if we had any concerns over the weekend to contact him, with pictures, via his email account and he would respond. We noticed the bruising was moving up into her abdominal area, so we sent him a pic via e-mail, and he responded fairly fast, which put our minds at ease.  Dr. Wright, and his team, are very professional, caring, reliable, and responsive. The costs for Misty's amputation were exact and covered everything except for the additional costs of a pathology report, which I had asked for.  I highly recommend Dr. Wright and his staff. Misty has adapted to the amputation and is getting stronger each day.

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Charlee Mullen  (11/25/20)

Dr. Wight and his staff are so knowledgeable, passionate and professional. They took such excellent care of my sweet baby girl Haley. All the staff was great!! They explained everything super well, and were there to answer any questions or concerns I had. They were so supportive and genuine in their care. Highly highly recommend them for any of your emergency needs. Our baby Haley was a head strong patient doing physical therapy with Dr. Wight and his staff from a past surgery done elsewhere. Haley went down at home over the weekend probably over doing herself running like a wild woman chasing them squirrels and she became an emergency case on a Monday morning. I was completely comfortable with everything that was done for her and her physical therapy second time around for 6 weeks...she was back to where she was and even further along than before her last surgery. Our Haley is living her best life and she is walking better after her second back surgery with Dr. Wight than she did for her first done elsewhere. Thank y’all for giving my Haley a brighter future!! Our family is very happy and this mama is very thankful!!

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Kim Hopkins 11/30/20)

With our new round of puppies, we are doing everything we can to avoid a cancer diagnosis (had two pass for this). To that end, we don't want the traditional "gold standard" spaying and neutering. We want a hysterectomy and vasectomy when it's time (around 18 mos). Dr. Wight called me back personally, answered all of my questions. When the time comes, I guarantee we'll be taking our puppies to him. Thank-you for picking Fort Walton Beach.

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Jon Mizell (12/21/20)

Long post alert but relevant to anyone looking for a Veterinarian Surgeon in the local area: BLUF: Dr. Wight and his staff will forever be in our debt. You should not think twice about having your furry loved one cared for by him and his staff. Our 9 yr. old Cavalier King Charles simply stopped walking and having control of his hind legs on a Sunday afternoon. We took him to the emergency Vet in Destin and they diagnosed disc issues in his back and recommended we either went straight to a university or Tallahassee to a clinic in the morning. They also mentioned Dr. Wight’s office as an option but did not know his availability. Baron almost died that night due to a reaction to the pain medication administered. Had we left for a university he would not be here. He was able to pull through after they changed his medicine and I emailed (as recommended on the voicemail) Dr. Wight’s office asking if they could get him in quickly. I received a phone call the following morning that Dr. Wight could see Baron that day. Of course, Baron was on many pain meds and looked like he could move around the next day when seeing Dr. Wight, the first time. He sent us home with some pain meds and instructions to call him if things got worse. Things did get worse in the next couple days and Baron was not walking again by Thursday. Again, Dr. Wight’s staff was able to get us in to see him in on short notice and he went through a very thorough exam of Baron. At this point, he gave us an option of medicine management through the weekend or to take images to see exactly what was going on and move to surgery if needed. Obviously, we were already several hundred dollars in from the emergency vet visit so it was nice that he was giving options that were not that expensive. After talking with my wife, we decided to get the imaging and surgery if needed. He had a herniated disc and had surgery that same day. I was amazed that Baron was walking the next day. He is now in the 6-week physical therapy program included with the cost of the surgery. This therapy is led by Christy and she is amazing. I am amazed at his progress and very thankful he is not in pain. Dr. Wight and his staff have been very professional, straightforward and very caring for our Baron. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Wight’s services to anyone that needs it.

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Hannah Aspenson (12/27/20)

I cannot recommend this place enough! Our 5-month old puppy broke his humerus in two places at a dog park. We were so worried about what this would mean for him and if he would ever be normal again. Dr. Wight and his staff were so accommodating and genuine when we brought him in. The surgery was quite complicated but Dr. Wight didn’t treat us as if it was a pain for him even though I’m sure it was quite the challenge. He did such a good job and encouraged us to follow up with him on a regular basis. He genuinely cared about how our puppy was doing long after the surgery. I’m so pleased with the results and the great care that this team took to make sure our puppy came out of this as best as he possibly could. I highly recommend Dr. Wight and am SO happy we chose not to go anywhere else. No surprise fees or extra add ons that weren’t necessary. Worth every penny!!!!!!

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Matt Ruben (12/26/20)

They were fantastic. The doctor took a conservative approach and did only what was needed instead of charging us for more for unnecessary tests and procedures. He was warm, caring, and friendly and explained everything well. I can’t recommend enough.

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Lauren Peebles (1/14/21)

Dr Wight and his team were amazing and saved my dog Willie Nelson’s life. A very scary morning turned into the best experience possible having been referred from Destin Animal Clinic. I was met with a practice as clean as a human surgery center. After Willie’s surgery, the medical team Ashlyn, called me after hours to keep me in the loop while Willie recovered for several days throughout the weekend. Another tech and her husband Charlie made chicken and rice after Willie was having a hard time and was depressed after the trauma he had been through. They made all the difference in the world! Exceptional quality, care and standards. Above and beyond is an understatement. Thank you Ashlyn, Dr. Wight and Charlie and his wife! And also the texh that called me that morning to come get Willie out of his funk and back on the road to recovery. If you are faced with a medical challenge they are the best. Forever Grateful

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Kerry Horton (1/25/21)

Dr. Wight and his team are exceptional; I cannot believe how lucky we are to have them here in our area. From the initial referral appointment to the post-op appointments, he and his staff have been consummate professionals. He and his team kept me in the loop every step of the way. My dog, Bo, LOVES to return to the office for his follow-up blood work - to me that speaks volumes about how well he is treated during each appointment. He will happily trot off with them to go to the back for blood draws every single time. We actually live in Niceville and the quality care, knowledge, and professional service makes the 30 minute drive worth every minute. I highly recommend this crew and will return if the need ever arises. Thank you all so much!

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Sandra Wilson (2/3/21)

Words cannot express how grateful we are for all you did for Hilda.  She's a brand new dog with a second lease on life.  We didn't realize how much this affected her and since the surgeries she's bouncing around like a puppy!  Thanks so much for all you & your team did for her.

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Karen matuskey (2/24/21)

Dr. Wight performed liver tumor removal surgery on Yoda in September 2020. I just wanted to tell all of you how thankful I am that you are located in this area. In addition I wanted to say that every member of your team is top notch. I worked with animal rescue groups and many vets for 20 years in other states and so appreciate the care and kindness of all of you. In addition I have had Yoda rechecked for any other liver issues twice since surgery and he is good. Thank you for saving his life.

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Addie Olson (12/2021)

My dog had a TPLO for a ruptured cruciate. Dr. Wight and his staff are wonderful! Everyone was very thorough and kind, and took such great care of my dog. I could not have asked for a better experience!

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Sabrina Fletcher (04/2021)

Dr. Wight took very good care of our dog during a medical emergency. Very compassionate. His staff is friendly and helpful. They have taken a very bad situation and walked us through it. Our dog is still recovering but, it will be a long process. We can’t thank them enough for their prompt and diligent care. Definitely recommend him.

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Preston West (02/2021)

My sweet Hudson (German Shepherd Puppy) had a blockage in his stomach and was rushed to the surgery center. Dr. Wight was incredible, his candor, his zeal, compassion, his professionalism, knowledge, reassurance and ability to convey to you that your little one will
Be ok was beyond reproach! Just an amazing doctor and human. My little dude came out alright and within 12 hours was back to being a puppy. I’ve always been hesitant and reluctant with surgery on my boys, as surgery can be detrimental for puppies, but 30 seconds after I spoke with the doc I knew Hudson was going to be ok. Thank you again to Doctor Wight and his staff!

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Debby Carrizales (03/2021)

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Dr Wight and his beyond exceptional staff! Dr Wight fixed our Daphne’s left luxating patella February 2019. We knew it would be a pretty tough recovery, but I’m here to tell you I wasn’t prepared for the way my Daphne acted during her recovery. I am that doggy-mom that worries and I must have had Daphne up at Dr Wights office a dozen times after surgery because I thought something was wrong. Every single time I brought my Daphne to the office every person not only cared, they treated us like family!
On one of my many visits to see Dr Wight, he noticed she had spots on her tongue and asked about testing her for a few things right on the spot. Come to find out our Daphne had a dangerously low platelet count. If it wasn’t for this amazing man, I believe we would have lost our Daphne. He sent us to our Reg Vet and we ended up taking Daphne for a blood transfusion and she finally started feeling better soon after. After this had all transpired, Dr Wight followed up with us and Daphne. Matter of fact, he seen Daphne for another check up just to be sure she was ok. I have NEVER experienced someone EVER going above & beyond for our Furbabies like this man and his fantastic staff!!

So here we are, almost exactly 2 years later from her first surgery and our Daphne needs her right knee fixed. As always, the staff got us in immediately to see Dr Wight and Daphne had her 2nd surgery yesterday!
He called me right before he was starting her surgery and made me aware that Daphne’s ACL was also torn and he would take care of that too while she was under. When he was done with her surgery, he called himself again and explained what he did and what he expects from Daphne’s recovery.

I cannot tell you how grateful we are that Dr Wight not only saved our baby, but is helping us to give our Daphne the best rest of her life with the exceptional surgery and care.

Shout out to Ashland for her loving my Daphne extra even when she is being a drama queen❤️ To all Dr Wight’s staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart for treating us like family and giving us the absolute BEST care we have ever received for our furbabies


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John Garcia (02/2021)

Just over two years ago our little guy's back was injured. You guys were there for us and we will never be able to thank you enough. Dash is doing great. We'll bring him over to see you guys soon!

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Jeremy & Robynn Hughes (09/2021)

My bulldog puppy had terrible breathing problems due to narrowed nostrils and an elongated palate. We tried to wait until he was older but he started having bouts of pneumonia. He was referred to Dr White who did an absolutely fantastic job on my baby. He breathes so much better and can keep up with our other dogs. Highly recommend!!!!

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Ted Melcher (03/2021)

We have taken three of our dogs to Dr. Wight. Recently, Dr. Wight removed a cancerous and invasive tumor from our yellow Lab, Toby. If the medical condition of your pet cannot be taken care of by your regular vet, Dr. Wight's Veterinary Surgery Service is the place to go. He's probably the best in the entire SE and pet owners in the panhandle are very lucky to have him around.

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Valeri Orsi (07/2021)

It's really hard for me to believe any place can have all 5 star reviews, but I genuinely understand why after going through this clinic with our baby girl.

Dr. Wight is super confident and knowledgeable. His explanations are detailed and understandable to the basic mind. He doesn't feel the need to use advanced medical terminology in place of holes where he doesn't understand hoping to confuse the client. (I feel like we've dealt with this several times in the past).

He is kind, patient, and caring, and even on our first visit with him I left at ease.

He is very welcoming and does not make you feel rushed or pushed. if you are ever waiting a few extra minutes, know that it's worth it because he's reassuring each owner the way they should be. Don't get me wrong, he won't lie to you. He'll be to the point, but he's confident in what he can do and willing to answer any difficult questions you have....and trust me, I had a lot.

Our 11 year old Shih Tzu has been dealing with a potential, complicated, ovarian remnant after having a stump pyometra removal in December 2019. It's been a long journey, and we are still on it, but Dr. Wight has given us more answers each step of the way, and we are hoping the next is the last. We are very thankful to have found his clinic and with the choice we've made so far.

Now, let's not forget the vet staff. Evey single technician we came across was friendly, happy, and welcoming. That is such a rare commodity in the veterinary world, and I understand, I worked in it, and most vet staff are so overworked and underpaid, but it is amazing to see a team so welcoming when you're in a vulnerable state with your family member.

None of them ever make you feel like just a number. They are all quick to respond to emails and questions and have never left us hanging.

I highly recommend this clinic.

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Katrina Edwards (08/2021)

My husband and I took our dog Amos to see Dr Wight for an ultrasound. From the moment we walked into the building to the moment we left we felt like we received the very best care for our dog. Vet tech Gina was friendly and made a point to pet Amos, rub his belly, and make him feel more relaxed. Dr Wight was very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. You could tell right away that he loved what he did and was a compassionate man. He never seemed in a hurry and spent time to completely answer all our questions. The whole visit went so smoothly and we left feeling like the staff and Dr Wight really cared about our dog. Dr Wight has the gift of relating well with his patients and their owners and exuding trust and compassion. He is a very knowledgeable and outstanding Veterinarian. Friendly staff, excellent care, compassionate and experienced Vet. We highly recommend Dr Wight and Veterinary Surgery Service Inc.

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Katherine Harding (07/2021)

Dr. Michael Vitucci is a phenomenal surgeon - he and his staff took incredible care of my German Shepherd, who had a fist-sized mass extremely close to his spine. I was referred to him by my primary vet, who said the surgery was too complex for a routine outpatient procedure. Every step of the way, Dr. Vitucci explained what was happening; from the CT scan, radiology reports, the surgery itself, and following up numerous times. I am extremely grateful for his knowledge and expertise, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled, compassionate surgeon for their pet.

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Susie (08/2021)

I brought my dog Ollie a dachshund mix to Dr. Wright for the Laser ablation surgery. He had a Ivdd episode (slipped disc). This special surgery which will help prevent him from another episode is new and only a handful of hospitals offered it in the country. I came from out of town so had to consult and admit him the day of. I was super nervous but the staff and Dr.Wright was very knowledgeable and took great care of Ollie. He is a rescue and has immense fear of people. They went above and beyond to make it sure he can undergo the surgery (we found out through blood work that he was severe dehydrated) Ollie is recovering and doing great. They checked up on him after a couple of days to see how he was doing. One of the best experience hands down.

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Dawn Dawn G (08/2021)

Dr. Vitucci performed emergency surgery on our 14- year- old Sheltie Taffy for Open Pyometra and a large Ovarian Cyst. Without his expertise and skills, our sweet girl wouldn't have lived. We highly highly recommend Dr. Vitucci, Dr. Wight, and the staff at Veterinary Surgery Services. Dr. Wight helped Taffy's sister Snuggles with emergency surgery, and a 5-star review was posted below. We are blessed to have knowledgeable and caring doctors here in Ft. Walton Beach. Thank You!!

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Chief Leemo (10/2021)

Dr. Wright and his staff are absolutely the best! I have never experienced a specialist and their staff be as responsive with such top notch customer service. Thank you Dr. Wright for all the email responses and expertise in helping Ranger.

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Carmen Crema (12/2021)

I cannot say enough about Dr. Vitucci and the whole staff at Veterinary Surgery Center. I had a cat go missing for 5 days and then come home with an injury to his face. I live in a very rural area so initially I took him to the local Vet as soon as they opened that morning. Turned out his injury was actually a degloving of his chin, and his bottom jaw was broken! The Vet was not equipped to handle that injury and told us the skin would likely be lost, and Sunny may have to have his mandible removed!??!!? They referred us to an Ortho surgeon in Tallahassee. I was beside myself, freaking out and when I looked up the surgeon they referred us to, I was not impressed with the reviews.. I have to say REVIEWS ARE SO VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! I came across Veterinary Surgery Service, and how lucky I was! Who has 100% 5 star reviews? Could that even be real? Well let me tell you, from the second I called and spoke to Christy on the phone, I could tell why. She was extremely helpful. handled all my questions in an urgent manner, and placed me on hold to speak to Dr. Vitucci who said to get on the road and get there as soon as I could, and they would fit Sunny in. When I arrived and met with the staff and Dr. Vitucci, I was extremely happy with the decision to go there. This was a case like Dr. Vitucci had not seen, but he was confident he could fix the injury and Sunny would not lose his bottom jaw. he was excited to handle the case, and immediately had several ideas on how to repair the injury. He stayed late that day to complete the surgery, after I am sure what was already a long, patient filled day, and literally reconstructed Sunny's chin. I could really go on and on about how amazing these folks are. Sunny is home, with his face intact, and doing well. He has a long road to recovery, but one check up down and Dr. Vitucci's work is incredible. I feel as though he was not a number, but a patient with a very scared mommy, and we are both very, very lucky to have found such an amazing surgeon and group of people. I feel forever grateful and would drive that hour and a half for the rest of my pet owning days if I needed to. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!

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Randy Russell (01/2022)

I am here to write a review and not bore anyone with another long story about our dog and his journey through this office. After reading all the other reviews, I would like this to stand out. I could not imagine a more compassionate, respectful, humble, professional, and confidant, with just the right amount of levity and bedside manner as we found in dr Wight. As for the staff, every person we made contact with was very pleasant and professional. I would like to single out one person in particular mainly because of the extended time spent talking to Cindy. Again without getting into long boring detail that takes the focus off her and puts it on us and our dog. I truly believe that without her answering the phone on a day the office was closed this may have been a different story. Cindy was there to meet the hvac contractors. Instead of letting the phone go to the machine she picked up and she listened our story and made a concerted effort to get us in quickly. On a second occasion again on the phone she took the time to find a cancelation spot to move the surgery ahead. Again I attribute her excellent work ethic and exceptional professionalism and compassion with the saving of our dog. None of this is meant to diminish dr Wight's capable surgical abilities. Just to say that I feel she made the difference of our dog making it to dr Wight in time for him to do what he does best. All of this with a price tag that was well below what I had expected. Thank you all for what you gave us, more time with our dog.

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karem olmeda (02/2022)

Vet Vetucci is very professional and knowledgeable. He makes it easy to feel comfortable and at easy regarding your pet procedure, before and after the fact.  The staff is very welcoming and friendly. The facility is easy to find and very clean.  I will recommend them in a heart beat. If you have a need for a pet surgeon dont look no further, Vetucci and his staff are the go to.

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Karrye Moczary (02/2022)

Roxie was referred by my vet for surgery. Like any surgery, I was concerned but my furbaby is 16 and like my 3rd child. Dr. White and his team went over and beyond with compassion, professionalism, and patience not only for Roxie but for me. Gina kept me informed before and after surgery, and did many extra other small things that ment so big. Overall, Fort Walton, Navarre and surrounding area is blessed to have Veterinary Surgery Service available for the community furbabies:))) The photo of Roxie is her 2 days after surgery....she is smiling and feeling sooo much better!!!! Thanks Doctor White! :))

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Kayla Kelly (02/2022)

Life has been rough since we found out our girl has cancer, but Dr. Vitucci and Kelly truly took a bad situation and turned it around for us. Dr. Vitucci did a fantastic job removing a tumor in a challenging spot, and we can not believe how great our girl looks and feels! If you need surgery services for your pet, look no further - they are awesome! We can not express enough gratitude to Dr. Vitucci and Kelly for their kindness, honesty, and professionalism. Thank you for giving us more time with our favorite girl.

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Andy Tompitch (03/2022)

I can’t even begin to express my level of gratitude & thanks to Dr Wight & staff, they were able to get my 13-yr old girl in within 48 hours of her 1st illness symptoms, and completed the needed surgery immediately without hesitation, everything was explained into detail & ALL of my questions were answered, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought the outcome of this situation would have been even remotely close to how well it ended up, I was so impressed with their accuracy & efficiency that I scheduled-in my younger healthy dog on the 29th to do a PREVENTATIVE ultrasound screening to ease my mind & spot any irregularities at a very early stage - best veterinary experience I’ve ever encountered in my entire life

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Pey Tran (03/2022)

Dr. Wight and his team are fantastic! I brought my 1 year old Frenchie to get his breathing concerns addressed. Not only was Dr. Wight super knowledgeable but he was so personable! Kelly who gave us our discharge paperwork was a gem also! I truly believe his whole team is a reflection of his leadership!

Astro had his surgery today: nares, soft pallette and his neuter. He can now breathe better! I HIGHLY recommend this establishment! The best vet surgeon in town!

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Jane Baxter (04/2022)

This is an awesome service with a 10 Star surgeon, Dr Wight. The medical staff follows with 10 stars - I could never write my feelings for them because they brought my Bo from paralyzed in his hind section to walking the day after surgery. Christy did physically for a week after surgery to help him get stronger. I truly appreciate her, she was so kind and caring. All the medical staff there were very professional and caring. I highly recommend this Veterinary Surgery Service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Jim Harmon (04/2022)

Our 105# dog suffered a ruptured disk in the lumbar region of his back. Dr. Wight and the Veterinary Surgery Services were recommended by the emergency vet's office and both the veterinarians here in town. He got a CT scan with contrast, which was read by a radiologist that pinpointed the damaged area. Dr. Wight performed the delicate procedure which was a great success! Six weeks of physical therapy and rehab are included in the flat rate fee.  My wife and I cannot adequately express our gratitude to Dr. Wight and his entire staff. They have been above and beyond anything we could've dreamed. If I could have given them a 10 star rating, I would have.

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John Trube (05/2022)

Dr Wight and his team are AMAZING… I wish there was a six star option. The techs are friendly, attentive, and professional. Dr Wight is extremely thorough in his diagnosis and reasoning… he is very patient with questions and truly wants the best for the animals. The clinic is the best appointed and decorated I’ve ever seen. It’s like a day spa but for animals!

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Tiggerocks (05/2022)

I am beyond words for this place they saved my baby kitty (realy 2 years old but always my baby kitty lol) they were kind upfront and truely cared not just for my cat but me as well when I was so scared and worried they kepted me informed and in touched at all times never aggravated when I called 100 times a day to check on him.  Again Thank You beyond words

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Marguerite Sadler (06/2022)

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Wight and staff. I had to bring in both of my cats a week apart for different very serious illnesses. Not only was everyone immensely knowledgeable in their diagnoses and impressive with their strategies with handling my spicier kitty, they were all so very empathetic and caring towards me personally, going through easily one of the toughest times of my life. Dr. Wight is so informative and personable, I truly felt like a friend was helping us through this. I also want to specifically mention vet tech Robin, who went out of her way to take some extra steps and find out more from our regular vet leading to a missed diagnosis. She didn't have to and many people probably wouldn't have taken the extra time and I am just so thankful she did. Truly wonderful people.

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Stephanie Hamilton (06/2022)

I took my dog here to Dr. Wight after a referral from my regular vet. My dog had a large growth on the inside of his front leg. My regular vet said it was cancer and would need to be amputated potentially. He sent me to Dr. Wight for an MRI. However, Dr. Wight was able to use ultrasound to pinpoint a good location for fine needle aspiration and determined it was a limpoma(fatty mass). At that time it wasn’t bothering my dog so we decided no surgery was needed unless it started bothering him. 7 months later it did start bothering him. I took him back to my regular vet who again said it seemed like cancer and might require amputation. He didn’t feel comfortable doing the surgery and referred me to Dr. Wight again. Dr. Wight examined him again and still felt comfortable that we were dealing with a lipoma in an uncomfortable spot. He felt ok with doing the surgery and it was scheduled for 4 days later. The surgery went very well, Dr Wight said it was definitely a lipoma and came out very easily. My dog has been home 3 days now and already seems so much better.
A couple things I would like to make mention of about all this:
1. Dr Wights calm and confident approach was way more comforting than the other vets talking about amputation without even really knowing what it was. My dog had no other symptoms and great blood work. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to have Dr. Wight not immediately jump to the worst case scenario. While he didn’t rule it out, his approach was to take things one step at a time instead of trying to speculate the end result.
2. It took me 2 weeks to get an appt with my regular vet and the earliest they had a surgery appt would have been an additional month +. Dr. Wight’s team saw my dog within 3 days and he was in surgery 4 days after that.
3. Every single person on his staff that I encountered was friendly, supportive and compassionate. They have an option to text questions to the Drs if anything came up after the surgery. She even said the Dr would meet us at the clinic for any emergency or even come to my house if he thought it was better for my dog.
Thank you so much to this team of people. From start to finish it was excellent customer service and compassionate professionalism. If I could give more stars, I would.

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Cheryl Forde (06/2022)

My nerve-wracked dog had a surprisingly smooth visit. She quit panting, went willingly with the vet tech, and let Dr Wright pet her. She was actually okay, so they didn’t get to show off their surgical skill, but she and I were both happy about that.

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Savannah Arcadi (08/2022)

I was skeptical, too. So. Many. 5 star reviews. It's true, they're that good.

This will be long and detailed and I WILL be talking about my dog's condition because I personally feel good when I know WHY you needed a service and what exact service was performed.

My 11yo Flat Coated Retriever (Lulu) was groaning a lot when she would lie down. She also started laying in strange positions--croissant in the middle of the floor, on her side with her head up high like a giraffe, only on one side, and she just never seemed to be able to get comfortable. She was stretching a lot, too, which usually means she has a tummy ache...but no vomiting or loose stools and her appetite was still good. I was worried so I decided to feel around her belly to see if I could feel anything. Sure enough, I could feel a mass.

We first went to Navarre Beach Veterinary Clinic to see Dr. Gina (she's great!!) and got some images and there it was--a mass on her spleen. They couldn't tell what it was, but it was definitely there. The words I heard were, "bleeding out...bursting...ticking time bomb...gone within 24 hours." However, I also heard that everything else seemed good and that we caught it at a good point...but the other stuff really stuck.

The clinic referred me to VSS and they called me the next day to schedule an ultrasound and potential surgery pending the ultrasound didn't show anything that would prevent us from doing the surgery or that it would do more harm than good. They didn't have an opening for a week.

A whole week wondering when this ticking time bomb was going to go off?

I only made it 24 hours before I called back and just asked to be put on the waitlist for a cancellation. I don't know if it's because I knew what was going on now so it really seemed like she couldn't get comfortable or was stretching too much or just the impending feeling that if she ran too fast (she was still full of energy and wanting to play and go swimming) or jumped, that would be what made this thing burst, but I was a MESS.

They called back 30 minutes later with a cancellation and we were there 30 mins after that!

When I tell you this was the best this experience could have been, it's not an exaggeration. The vet tech who checked us in was so kind and patient with both me and Lulu. Dr. V walked me through EVERYTHING and brought me back to explain what he saw on the ultrasound. All the techs helping out (they put the dog in what looks like a metal basin and have to hold them upside-down, something Lulu HATES) were so gentle and calming, petting her and reassuring her the whole time.

Thankfully, everything looked great on the ultrasound and she was cleared for surgery (a splenectomy) and they'd do it right away. Dr. V called after to let me know that everything went great and walked me through a few details.

I was able to pick her up around 4pm (the same day) and the tech walked me through all her medications and supplements in detail, asked if I had any questions, and offered to help me to the car. Dr. V came in one last time to reassure me that everything went well and that we could expect pathology results in the next 7-10 days. They all reiterated several times that I could call anytime and they understood the feelings of helplessness and worry so I shouldn't worry about "bothering" them with questions I thought were silly or if I needed some reassurance.

I'm beyond grateful for this team. They really care about your fur baby like they're their own and won't judge you for your emotions (I was a HOT MESS) and excess worry. Still unsure about the cancer or no cancer prognosis, but I feel better just knowing the mass it out and, once she's healed up (it'll be a minute--it's a biiiiig incision with a LOT of staples!), she's going to be safe and able to play without mommy having an anxiety attack!

If you're ever in the tough situation where your fur baby needs surgery, this is the place to go! THANK YOU Dr. V and VSS!

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Roy Arthur (08/2022)

Recently our 13-year-old dachshund was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. The parathyroid glands regulate the blood calcium levels and overactive glands cause high calcium levels (Hypercalcemia). This can be harmful to the kidneys, nervous and cardiovascular system. High calcium levels may also bring on gastrointestinal problems, acute renal failure, coma, and even death if not treated.

The preferred treatment for this is the surgical removal of the overactive parathyroid gland. A dog has four glands and can live with only one. However, we soon discovered that the average veterinarian is not comfortable attempting this type of surgery.

After researching various veterinarian surgical clinics, we discovered “Veterinary Surgery Services” in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Ironically, another family member who lives in the area had the same exact issue with her dog, who was successfully treated at this facility. After hearing her testimony and reading all the “5” star reviews, we decided to make the 4½ hour drive and take our pet to Veterinary Surgery Services.

From our initial phone call to the clinic to the final check-up visit before heading home we could not have asked for a more professional and caring experience.

Dr. Vitucci performed the surgery on our pet. But before the surgery was scheduled, he conducted an ultrasound and CT scan to identify exactly which parathyroid needed removal. Once the scans were analyzed, the surgery was scheduled for early the following week.

We could not be happier or more pleased with the outcome. Dr. Vitucci is an excellent surgeon who is very meticulous and spends a lot of time going over all the details with the pet owners. After our initial meeting with Dr. Vitucci, we knew our pet would be in good hands.

In summary, we cannot say enough good things about Dr. Vitucci and the entire staff at Veterinary Surgery Services! We even met with Dr. Wight, who opened the clinic, and had a pleasant visit with him as well.

If your pet needs any type of surgery, Veterinary Surgery Services is definitely a clinic to consider!

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Leah F (10/2022)

Individual attention and compassion. Thorough explanation of diagnosis and treatment course. Knowledge of fees upfront and no crazy add ons.

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Sandy Jones (10/2022)

Penny jumped out of the vehicle after having ACL surgery. I hesitated telling them but when I did, they were very compassionate and didn't make me feel like I was a bad momma. Love these people!!!!

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April Thomas (11/2022)

I am not one for writing very many reviews but I think everyone should know what I experienced while bringing my little dog Clyde into Veterinary Surgery Service. Clyde was scheduled for an ultrasound with a fine needle aspiration of the liver. Clyde was checked in and not long after was taken to the back for the procedure.
Minutes later a staff member told me that Doctor Wight would like me to come into the procedure room so I could see what he was viewing on the screen while performing the ultrasound….Let me just tell you what I saw in that room really blew me away, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were 4 staff members around my dog ( not because he was acting up) but because they were trying to make him feel comfortable and that everything was okay. They were working as a team, one staff member was at Clyde’s head consoling him while another was at his feet and two petting him and talking to him soft and sweet at his side. I am so glad that I witnessed what I saw when walking into that room, and I really think you will be too. How many times have we taken our furry little loved ones somewhere and as they are led behind closed doors we can only hope they will be treated with the same love and compassion, we feel towards them. Well I have witnessed with my own eyes that is exactly what happens when you take your pet to Dr. Wight and his team of staff members at Veterinary Surgery Service. You can rest assured your pet is in good hands. And they really know their business. 

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