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Arthrocentesis, which is also known as a joint tap, is a procedure that involves analyzing the synovial fluid in a dog’s joints in order to diagnose joint conditions. This minimally invasive procedure involves using a needle to draw the synovial fluid into an empty syringe. The synovial fluid will then need to be examined by a pathologist. Dogs undergoing arthrocentesis will not be anesthetized. However, sedation will be necessary because the procedure can be painful. 

How much does arthrocentesis cost?

  • The all inclusive fee is $1125.00 for one joint and $350.00 for each additional site.
  • This includes:
  • Intake Physical Examination
  • Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork: CBC, full chemistry panel, clotting profile when indicated
  • EKG
  • I.V. Catheter
  • I.V. Fluids
  • Pre-Anesthetic analgesia drugs
  • Anesthesia induction drugs tailored to the individual patient
  • Anesthesia Maintenance on isoflurane
  • Surgical Preparation of Site
  • Aspiration of synovial joint fluid for analysis
  • Pathologist review and report