These are some commonly asked questions. If you have questions, please email them to us.  We update this page frequently and appreciate your input.

Why All Inclusive Pricing?

Surgery is only a part of the solution.  In order for surgery to be successful, many other methods of care need to be employed.  We create packages that include all the items needed for each procedure and price them as one unit.  This way the clients know exactly how much the procedure is going to cost before services are provided.  It eliminates confusion and guesswork associated with estimates, price ranges, and eliminates cost overruns.

Why does my pet need blood work before anesthesia?

All anesthetic episodes carry an element of risk.  This risk is compounded by underlying disease.  Each pet undergoing anesthesia at Veterinary Surgery Service has a complete blood count and chemistry panel performed beforehand to help detect any underlying abnormality.  We also perform an EKG to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart.  All these things are done to reduce the risk of anesthetic complications during a pet's procedure.

What does "minimally invasive" mean?

We often use special cameras and fiber optic scopes to look inside body cavities, joints, and the intestinal tract.  Special instruments can be inserted through very small incisions, reducing pain and recovery time for the pets.